Elkenbachstrasse 58

This apartment building, constructed around 1956, is in a very quiet and excellent location: Frankfurt's popular district Nordend. The close proximity to the Berger Staße guarantees a good infratructure.   Speaking of the Berger Staße: nicknamed 'Bernemer Zeil', this street competes with Germany's highest-grossing  pedestrian zone not just economically but also with the name. With liveliness and bustle everywhere, Bornheim was one of the richest places around Frankfurt during its incorporation in 1877. On Saturdays the market with its little clock tower is undoubtedly the center of Bornheim's social life. Bornheim, the district which because of its half-timbered houses and apple cider romance is occasionally compared to Sachsenhausen.


This property is in very good condition. We will perform renovations in the communal areas such as adding an exterior insulation finishing system to the facade and renovating the staircase. Assuming the issue of a building permit, we will add balconies on the rear side of the building. With exception of the ground floor apartment, all apartments have a front side balcony already. The house consists of 10 units in total: eight 3 bedroom apartments with around 69 m² on the ground floor, first, third and fourth floor as well as 4 bedroom apartment with 87 m² and a 2 bedroom apartment with 51 m² on the second floor.

  No. Location Rooms m2 ca. Status  
  1 Erdgeschoss links 3 64 sold
  2 Erdgeschoss rechts 3 64 sold
  3 1. Obergeschoss links 3 69 sold
  4 1. Obergeschoss rechts 3 69 sold
  5 2. Obergeschoss links 4 87 sold
  6 2. Obergeschoss rechts 2 51 sold
  7 3. Obergeschoss links 3 69 sold
  8 3. Obergeschoss rechts 3 69 sold
  9 4. Obergeschoss links 3 69 sold
  10 4. Obergeschoss rechts 3 69 hired out Send Request